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Closed forex position won't disappear on paper trading account?

Hi, I closed a forex position a while ago on my paper trading account, but it won't disappear from my monitor tab. I know it usually takes a market day for a closed position to disappear, but it's been about a week and it hasn't gone away. I've also reset my paper trading account a couple times to try and get it to disappear, but that hasn't worked either. Here's a picture:
I know it's a little thing, but I would like to fix it if possible!
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Forex position chart

Hi all long time reader first time poster!
I've started learning the wonderful complex world of forex and I was wondering if there's any report/chart that you can use to keep track of current and previous positions?
I have made a rough record chart type of thing so I write down the position details (currency, lot size, entry/exit price etc) but I wasn't sure if there's anything that might exist? Im not sure if this is silly and im not being lazy I just wanted to see if what I'm doing is right.
Any advice/ideas will be muchly appreciated :)
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My Forex position EURUSD Sell

EURUSD Sell Sell at: 1.14350 SL: 1.15250 TP: 1.13830
Good Look with your position
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Any Forex Position Traders Here?

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Videos or resources for forex position sizing

I wanted to know if there are any good videos or websites that can go into deep detail on position sizing. I wanted to know how the big banks do this.
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How to Use Fear to Choose the Best Forex Position Size

How to Use Fear to Choose the Best Forex Position Size submitted by dailypriceaction to ForexPriceAction [link] [comments]

Introducing Daily Price Action's New Forex Position Size Calculator

Introducing Daily Price Action's New Forex Position Size Calculator submitted by dailypriceaction to ForexPriceAction [link] [comments]

DON'T use Interactive Brokers

I want to tell you quickly the nightmare I'm going through.
First, the client service is... Non existent. Let me repeat, no one will help you. I sent approximately 10 emails in a week, I had two automatic replies spewing the same nonsensical pre programed gibberish. The chat doesn't work. I waited hours, no one ever responded to my request. They did once when I had an issue with currencies, and they actually made me open a forex position, while there was a conversion tool...
Now with regards to the phone service. You have to wait approximately one hour before someone picks up. They are arrogant, useless and impersonal. Yesterday for example I bounced back and forth between three different people, each having no idea what was my request. The past weeks, after hours and hours on the line, no one could help me or even listen to me without interrupting me.
I have been waiting for ten days now to have the options '' granted ''. This broker feels like they are your university teachers that take your money but won't help you even if their lives depended on it. I still cannot use options, bonds, futures. Just stocks.
Also, very often I don't receive the text or phone call to log in to the platform. I waited 2h the other day before I could log in.
You have to update the page constantly because nothing is loading. Your balance or other information won't appear.
The orders appear and disappear without explanation, sometimes I have to place an order 2 or 3 times before it's there.
The interface looks like a software from the 90's, unusable and frankly it hurts my eyes. It needs a serious update.
In ten days I haven't been able to trade one day. I made a couple thousands with my paper account, and I wish I could have done that with my real money account.
I'm switching to Degiro, waiting for the paperwork to be done.
You can find similar experiences all over the Internet.
Don't give them commissions, I dearly regret using this fraud of a broker.
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Should I hedge against USD? Is that even a hedge?

I'm in the following situation rn:
I live in Europe and pay in Euro for the necessary things in life. My personal investing / trading style is based all around US Equity. So practically 85 % of my wealth is either in $ Cash or in US Equity.
The USD is now down more than 7 % in comparison to the euro since the beginning of May. So I practically lost 7 % isn't it?
A few days ago I thought it would be smart to hedge against the currency risk through a simple forex broker in swiss where I have a leverage of 200. Since I did that the USD lost about 2 %, the trade I placed gained 2 %, exactly what I theoretically lost on the US side. The swaps I pay the broker for holding the forex position overnight are insignificantly small and with the 200 leverage, I don't need much capital to place the trade 1 to 1.
Now I'm a bit confused, I had recently a discussion with a friend who told me that what I was doing is nonsense and not a hedge at all. It's speculation on a weaker dollar and I would be dump to hold 85 % of my money in $ because I use € to pay the bills and everything.
But the point is that even if the USD got stronger, I would lose money on my forex position, but I would also "gain" money on my $ position I hold in my US brokerage. + - 0
Sorry if that a dumb question but do I make a thought error? Is the hedge reasonable and is it really that important to have my base currency as the standard living currency I use to pay bills?
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Mark-to-market P/L

What is the deal with Forex positions on Mark-to-market P/L?
I currently have no open USD forex positions, nor do I have USD cash... but everyday I am losing money on this?
Does anyone know what this means? Thanks in advance!!
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Who pays the interest on carry trades?

If I hold a currency pair with an interest rate differential that works in my favour, I will earn that interest every day. But who pays it? All other parties that hold a short to my long? Does the broker just deduct it from their account and deposit it into mine? Most of the holders of these forex positions aren’t retail traders though, so they’re probably not going through brokers. Who regulates paying interest on carry trades? Who and why do they enforce it and make it a thing to pay interest rate differentials on currency pairs?
How does this work? Thanks
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Any retail Traders in r/Singapore? Futures/forex?

As the title goes, anyone here actively pursuing trading as a full time/side hustle?
Do share the what type of asset class, time zones you work with.
For myself I take forex positions after work, during US open and close them around 1am. Been looking to explore into the class of index futures next time.
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IBKR Forex Leverage in US

Hi, does anybody use Interactive Brokers in the US? I read in 2016 they stopped letting regular people open leveraged Forex positions. Has this changed since?
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Backtesting and forming your #forexstrategy is imperative to succeed in forex trading. But it is not so easy to get near #accurateresults. Read more to know how to get positive results on Your MT4 #ForexEA by #backtesting.

Backtesting and forming your #forexstrategy is imperative to succeed in forex trading. But it is not so easy to get near #accurateresults. Read more to know how to get positive results on Your MT4 #ForexEA by #backtesting. submitted by Wetalktrade to u/Wetalktrade [link] [comments]

Forex trading signals provider

Forex trading signals provider
Traders with a technical judgment heritage ever use different foreign exchange alerts in their trading. essential acquisition of sign buying and selling is that you get rid of intestine feeling trading, which would by chance get you in problem if you make a very bad market call.
Greatest technique-inclined merchants and digital buying and selling architecture use buying and selling index derived from technical analysis. Forex trading signals provider lets in them to impartially choose when to get in or out of forex positions based all of on attention like fee movement or capacity.
Forex trading signals provider
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You know you've been on r/forex too long when you're spotting short positions in any chart.

You know you've been on forex too long when you're spotting short positions in any chart. submitted by No-Patient to Forex [link] [comments]

Tips That Will Be Helpful In Making Change To Your Trading Strategy

In Forex trading, no matter how good your career is growing, there will be a time when you will have to bring a change in your strategy and trading plans. When you have been using a strategy for some time, you can start to drift away from your plan. It can be because of boredom or because your strategies surely need some change. No matter what is the scenario, in this post we will talk about some tips that will be a great tool to help you bring the change and also be able to sustain it.

Hafizzat Rusli Lamborghini
1. Be Sure That You Need To Change Things
When you are feeling that you should be changing your strategies, think twice. Figure if it is just a feeling because things are not working fine, or you surely need to do this. You should know that if you are thinking of making a change, you will have to invest time and energy into it and if you are not sure of having this change, we would suggest you postpone the idea for now.
To be sure if your trading strategies need a change, then the first thing you will need to consider the reasons for opting for the change. Let us consider that you want to scale down your Forex positions. This is the change that you want, and now the reasons for it can be, you were risking quite more than you were supposed to, you are trying a new strategy of tighter stop losses. When you keep analysing the reasons you get more understanding and thus you can be sure if the change you are thinking about is necessary or not.

Hafizzat Rusli Advance Course
2. Work On One Change Before Starting With Another
When you are making a change in your trading plan, it takes a lot of energy and time. Moreover, there can be certain uncertainties when you are making a change. This is why it is recommended that a trader should only think of making one change at a time. When you are focusing on just one thing, you can do it more efficiently.
Though, most traders do not follow this and thus end up with a heap of stress and also losses. When you are handling more than one change at a time you will have stress which is bad for your Forex trading career both in the present scenario and the long run.
3. Always Be On Your Toes
When you are taking just one change at a time, things will become easier for you, but that does not mean you should start taking things casually. This is a mistake most new Forex traders do, and it becomes the major reason for failures in the future. When you have successfully made a change in your Forex trading strategies, then it is time to make the best of this successful change. Since the change is also new to you, if you do not practice it, you might even get out of touch and thus not be able to make the best of this new strategy. Getting too happy or casual after one success is not a sign of successful Forex traders. A successful trader never lets the guard down and maintains the dedication and focus.

Hafizzat Personal Yatch
When you are planning a change, make sure to use these 3 tips for sure. These should be a part of your psychology to make the best of them. If you are new to forex trading or it is for the first time when you are planning a change, do consult your mentor. A mentor can always be like a light in the dark and can take you through the most difficult kind of decisions easily. Yes, for genuine guidance you will have to have a good mentor by your side, who is also a pro at Forex trading. If you do not have the right mentor you have a lot of chances of following the wrong path with a blindfold.
To know about the finest Forex trading course click this link here
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Are you a serious #forextrader? Then, you’ll know about the importance of #newsfeed and getting it at the right time. Get now the #NewsFeedIndicator from #Wetalktrade and use it to get an advantageous position in your #trading.

Are you a serious #forextrader? Then, you’ll know about the importance of #newsfeed and getting it at the right time. Get now the #NewsFeedIndicator from #Wetalktrade and use it to get an advantageous position in your #trading. submitted by Wetalktrade to u/Wetalktrade [link] [comments]

Portfolio margin thoughts

Most US brokers want $100k in equity to give you some serious leverage on equities. If you look to some alternate platforms that avail users to CFD (contracts for difference) that cover major crypto, stocks, and forex positions then you can greatly benefit from your prescient insights.
Most can be made deposits into with crypto. Crypto really is the future to sending value to trading platforms and it’s here to stay!
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Trader Rookie Position Size Forex Calculator, need some feedback on a browser extension

Trader Rookie Position Size Forex Calculator, need some feedback on a browser extension
Hey Community!
I am super excited to finally have my browser extension live for anyone to download for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
I would love to get support and feedback on the extension!
❓Why I built the Trader Rookie Position Size Forex Calculator❓
I am dedicated to day trading and trading the foreign exchange markets. I have recently launched to share content for aspiring daytraders and help people get started in the exciting world of trading.
In the long run, I am looking to build supplementing income for my trading career.
Personally I have always been frustrated with the RISK management tools available to traders, so I have developed a position size calculator that lets you calculated position sizes for any forex, commodity, or index pair.
How it works: You set your entry, stop loss, and up to 3 separate take-profit targets, and the calculator calculates your risk size in lots or units based on account size and risk tolerance.
The calculator's user interface synchronizes instantly across browser tabs and lets you calculate position sizes on top of a charting package like TradingView and then execute the trade with your broker in another browser window OR with desktop software like Metatrader or similar.
The extension can be downloaded here:
Chrome web shop:
Edge Add-ons:
The extension features an add banner.Right now it has an add for the Extension, but I would like to promote content from my webpage like articles and other free stuff for traders.
I have a long list of additional features I would love to implement in the extension in later versions, but for now I am happy to have the first version ready for my audience.
If you're curious, check my page out at
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#EURUSD #TechnicalAnalysis The counter is maintaining its positive bias by holding the support of the #ascendingchannel.As the preceding move also steep, price needs a #bullish correction at the least.We expect the pair to be bullish for next few sessions.

#EURUSD #TechnicalAnalysis The counter is maintaining its positive bias by holding the support of the #ascendingchannel.As the preceding move also steep, price needs a #bullish correction at the least.We expect the pair to be bullish for next few sessions. submitted by traderpulse to u/traderpulse [link] [comments]

Institutional FOREX positions as of November 3rd 2020 ... OPEN FOREX POSITIONS - YouTube Forex Swing Trading in 20 Minutes - Position Size and Risk ... Forex Position Sizing 11 Part 2 - YouTube Forex: Long and Short positions Forex Trading Position Sizing & Money Management by Adam ... Forex Position Sizing 11 Part 1 - System Quality and Max ... Forex position trading  a complete trading system  - YouTube LIVE FOREX TRADING - Prop trading - LIVE POSITIONS - YouTube FOREX TRADING: OPEN POSITIONS #forex

Forex Hedging unterscheidet sich ein wenig vom Hedging in anderen Märkten, da der Währungsmarkt per se Volatilität mit sich bringt. Manche Forex-Händler entscheiden sich gegen das Hedging ihrer Forex-Positionen, weil sie Volatilität für einen unvermeidbaren Bestandteil des Forex-Handels halten. Letztendlich hängt es von der Höhe des Währungsrisikos ab, das Sie bereit sind zu ... Check FXStreet Trading positions table, which provide you a glance as to where our dedicated contributors are currently positioned. Live forex positions, which are a currency trend indicator, allow you to see the open positions of the best forex traders. While some forex traders might decide against hedging their forex positions – believing that volatility is just part and parcel of trading FX – it boils down to how much currency risk you are willing to accept. If you think that a forex pair is about to decline in value, but that the trend will eventually reverse, then hedging can help reduce short-term losses while protecting your longer ... Die richtige Positionsgröße beim Forex Trading bestimmen. Gerade bei Trading Anfängern im Forexhandel, aber auch bei fortgeschrittenen Tradern kann man häufig beobachten, dass diese Probleme haben die Positionsgröße für jeden Trade korrekt auszuwählen. Learn the basics of forex trading positions, including how and when to go long or short on currency pairs. With trading examples and charts. Get insight into Forex Open Positions. Here you can see a snapshot of Saxo Bank clients' FX open positions for major currency pairs.

[index] [19847] [5383] [1721] [17705] [25625] [1304] [3989] [2567] [11482] [16799]

Institutional FOREX positions as of November 3rd 2020 ...

For more superb educational content please visit our website! ..... Learn how to achieve consistent profits trading the forex markets with effective position sizing and money management strategies successful forex traders use... Forex position trading a complete trading system is powered by limitlesstradehub Forex position trading is a complete trading system that allows traders ... For more superb educational content please visit our website! ..... Visit us here: Please Like & Subscribe for future updates Follow us on social media and get the latest updates! Facebook: https://www.... Powered by Restream Hi and welcome to forex trading channel. Unlike other trading streams what you will see is live positions that I tak... Learn what LONG and SHORT positions mean on Forex. HOW TO OPEN A FOREX TRADE AND CALCULATE POSITION SIZE (FOR BEGINNERS) - Duration: 13:32. The Duomo Initiative - Trading & Investing 57,597 views. 13:32. NZDUSD WHAT NEXT? It's important to watch the other videos in the Forex Swing Trading in 20 Minutes video series for some context on this forex risk management and position si... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.