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How many friends do you actually need & why you wasted money on MC businesses

Yes you did Brett, yes you did.
The spreasheet. Separate screenshots of it are included below along with the explainations.
TL;DR: Except CEO Import/Export of cars, only the bunker is worth it. Sell it only when it's at 50%, source and sell cars between deliveries. You need 1 parter in crime, no more no less (otherwise you lose money).


So, i've had the experience of playing with friends, everyone is running businesses (I/E, various MC stuff, bunker etc.) and we spend our grinding time going from one business to the other. Discussions are usually :
Player 1 : "Hey guys, i have 3 cars to sell" Player 2 : "Ok but then help me with my cocain delivery, it's not full but i need money" Player 3 : "I have a full stock of weapons to sell afterwards" Player 2 : "I will have to go by then, i can't help you, there will only be the two of you" Player 1 : "If he doesnt come we can't do it, I prefer to source cars for import/export"
And you go to each other business, lending eachother a hand trying to do it evenly so no one gets screwed. You improvise, but you lose money by being ineffective.
I decided to gather data from previous work I've seen here, but taking into account the "cycle" of doing all your stuff, helping your friends, selling your product from MC between the cooldowns of your import export.

The initial facts about revenue

I didn't do much except gather what had been done already, and remove the fluff that we don't care about. Some intermediary calculations are missing, so just take my word for it (or don't).
Three things to note before we go in.
1)On some occasions I had to plug estimates of "time to source a car", or "time to accomplish MC product sale". Estimations are my own and are signaled by being in blue cells. I think they are ok, if you don't than change them. It will change the profit approximations, but it shouldn't change the overall findings (which is the main take-away of this post tbh). 2) I ignored utility costs. Not because they are not significant, but because they are annoying to compute. They might be added in future version but I don't think I will honestly. 3) I assume all supplies are bought. If you don't buy them then do it (why is that isn't explained here). Oh and you always sell in Los Santos, not locally. This could be added in future versions since it changes both the time it takes and the profit it yields, though i don't think it'd change the conclusions.
Spreadsheet screenshot
Nothing new to see, I just expect some damage to the cars (especially due to NPCs in solo sessions).

The time factor

Teaming up to reduce mission duration ?
This is where it gets interesting and not just re-doing the same calulations that have been done a thousand times by others.
If you sell a stock that's 25% full alone, you can manage. If you go for 50%, you can still probably do it but it will take longer (going back getting the other vehicule etc.). How long does it take to sell the stock given the percentage of stock you sell and how many players are doing the job ?
Speadsheet screenshot 2 Time is expressed in hours (0,12 hours = 10 minutes). If you have to go back for a vehicule, i assumed 5 minutes of "going back" travel time before you have to do the mission again (and if it's the post van you're out of luck). Most missions have a 30 minute limit, so when the time reaches above 0,5 hours, I assume it's impossible. For the rest of the calculations, I assume you won't sell a full 100% stock alone.
How to interpret this : try to sell 25% of stock per player participating. If you're 3 go for 75% (or go for 100% but hope you don't have 4 vehicules to deliver..)
How busy will you be ? MC
Given the matrix above, I decided to extrapolate for each type of business (that have different duration to be filled up). If you decide to sell at 25% of stock, you will sell 4 times more frequently than someone who has 3 friends helping him. But he will have to help his own friends too, so what's the sweet spot ?
Brace yourselves, Spreadsheet screenshot 3
It might look complicated but it's not. As explained in the screenshot, these are the number of hours you will spend selling product per hour of gameplay, given the % of stock you want to sell at (to avoid longer missions). I assume you learned from the previous part and won't attempt to sell a full stock alone. There "impossible" options are greyed out but still here for curiosity. As with everything else, I assume you help your friends as much as they help you. That's why it's stupid to be 4 and sell only at 25% for all of you, because well most of you will be useless, but also you all have to sell very very often (88% of your time will be spent selling stuff, this is the most extreme case with the document forgery business).
Of course, the longer it takes to fill up the less frequently you have to go sell, and thus the less time you will spend selling product on average per hour of gameplay. You will notice that in a vacuum without CEO Import/Export of cars, it doesnt matter how many you are in your group as long as you sell a percentage of stock that is proportional to the size of your group. 1 = 25%, 2=50% etc. From a profit perspective, it doesnt matter (yet), but from a time perspective, it's the sweet spot.
How free will you be ? I/E
Spreadsheet screenshot 4
This one is much simpler. I assume that everyone in the group sources car on his own and that everyone helps other sell cars. You only sell what you souce (no previous inventory). You only sell top-range cars. A "cycle" refers to sourcing+selling. Negative free time means that your cooldown export cars will be over before you are done sourcing your cars and helping your friend sell their cars too. You can already see the money going away with such inefficiency. Don't bother with the "overlap metric" it's a fancy way I make my further calculations easier.

Time is money

You will notice that I said that between sourcing and selling is "free" time, while MC sales make you "busy". From the first screenshot (and our experiences) it's obvious that cars give a much better profit/hour than MC businesses. Of course, MC businesses generate passive money (semi-passive, you still have to stop I/E to sell product), but it's really not comparable. The absolute priority is cars import/export.
Putting everything together is simple in the spreadsheet, but the underlying concepts are a bit more complex. The time you spend selling MC product is time not spent sourcing or selling cars. If you go for big deliveries, you need friends to help you, but you also need to help these friends sell their stuff AND their cars. Again, there is a sweet spot.
For the sake of it, I imagined someone who had all the businesses. It would look like this. Spreasheet screenshot 5 Two people is the right size for a group, as you will benefit from less frequent MC sales, bigger car exports, while not having to go around 4 different businesses at each cycle.
Now, I ran tests (using excel solver add-in)to make it faster. For every group size I tried to maximize profit, changing the mix of businesses that you could own. Every single time, the solver told me to keep the bunker but stop all the rest (even ditching the most profitable ones like cocaine business). If you download the spreasheet and get the solver (or try by hand it's only binaries to change anyway), you can try for yourself. There is no better mix of business than bunker only.
As comparison : Cocaine & bunker : Speadsheet screenshot 6 Bunker only : Spreadsheet screenshot 7
No single combination of businesses is better than just the bunker.


Cars import export is way too lucrative to waste your time selling other stuff. The only reason the bunker is still in is because it takes a very long time to fill up and that the value is great compared to the number of people needed to sell it. A group of 2 is the most efficient, since you get safe and quicker product sales, double the amount of cars without doubling the cooldown between exports, and you don't run around too much working for businesses that aren't yours
The main limiation of these calulations is that I assume a pure-grind playtime which isn't really realistic . If you do other stuff on the side, I/E won't be making you money while MC businesses will still generate some cash.In such case it might be worth it to keep them running. This could be a future development of the speadsheet I see. However, if you still haven't invested in them, it might be good to avoid them given the important investment fully upgraded MC business are and the awful long time they take to break-even
If you see improvements to make or if something is clearly incorrect, pm me i might fix it and edit this.
Sources for amounts, time to make full stocks, supplies used per hours or any other game data.
thanks ErregungHaus
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